New Butterfly species in Sri Lanka.

After a over 60 years since the last new species of Butterfly was recorded in Sri Lanka, Dr. Michael van der Poorten has recorded a new species of butterfly in Sri Lanka. The Orange Migrant (Catopsilia scylla) has never been recorded in Sri Lanka before and now brings the tally of Butterflies in Sri Lanka to 245 species. 21 of these are endemic.

The Orange Migrant has been recorded in the Kurunagela district. A combination of chalk white & cadmium yellow, this species belongs to the Family Peridae and genus Catopsilia. This is exciting news for all nature lovers and specially some of us who wish to increase our list of butterflies seen.

For a relatively small island, Sri Lanka is known as a Biodiversity Hot Spot. In a short stay of 2 weeks in the island, you are able to see at least 50% of the Butterfly Fauna, over 250 species of birds including 33 endemics, big game like the Asian Elephant, Leopards & Sloth Bear. This is in addition to the smaller Mammals, Dragonflies and many unique varieties of Flora.