5 things not to miss in Arugam Bay

1. Surf Points
When you arrive at Arugam Bay, you will quickly realise that it is surfers paradise. Its laid-back, down-to-earth atmosphere and myriad of people wandering along the main street carrying surf boards makes that fact hard to miss. There are several surf points around the beach town, ranging from those suitable for beginners to ones which will challenge the more experienced surfer.
2. Hideaway
Red Dot Tours’ longstanding favourite accommodation in Arugam Bay, this quirky guesthouse envelops you in tranquility the moment you step through the door. The beachy bar area is scattered with a variety of comfy seating and happens to serve the best food in town, as well as a wide range of interesting drinks. Even if you don’t stay here, a meal is a must.

3. Zephyr Restaurant and Bar
Sister property of the popular Zephyr in Mirissa, this open-air bar and restaurant is right on the beach and frequently hosts some of the island’s best bands. They serve delicious seafood and a huge range of drinks; their cocktail menu and glittering fairy-lights make this a wonderful location for a romantic meal.
4. Kudumbigala Monastery
Built in 2nd century BC, this abandoned monastery complex lay undiscovered for centuries, hidden in thick jungle. An entrancing place to visit, particularly if you make the short climb to the top before dawn – it is a truly magical spot to watch the sunrise.
5. Muhudu Maha Viharaya
Built over 2000 years ago by King Kavan Tissa, these coastal ruins are still impressive and definitely worth seeing. Ancient stupas and statues surround the temple, including stone figures of Lord Buddha and of old kings or gods.