Late November weather in Sri Lanka makes it a wonderful time

Kurumba Villas Bentota
Kurumba Villas

The second half of November is my favourite time in Sri Lanka.
The monsoon has largely burned itself out in the south-west and when it does rain, predominantly in the evening, it freshens the air and provides an enchanting backdrop to the sounds of the tropics.
For those most interested in Sri Lanka’s beach culture there are bargains to be had.
Rain may linger in the hills but on the west and south coast many days dawn blue with lower humidity than is traditionally found in, say, March at the end of the peak season.
As well as the blue skies, the prices are considerably lower. The influx of peak-season tourists has yet to arrive and many excellent properties are fighting for custom and cutting their prices accordingly.
I am writing this in Kurumba Villas, a new cabana-style property in Bentota where standards are high, the welcome is warm and the wood apple juice is as good as any I have tasted. The skies are blue and the pool is looking irresistible.
Yes, late November has much to commend it for travellers not tied to school summer holidays. It has always mystified me why more people do not catch on.