The route through the clouds to Pasekudah

For our journey to Pasekudah, which is fast winning a worldwide reputation as one of the jewels of Sri Lanka’s east coast, we took the route from Kandy through the Knuckles range and the challenge of the 18 hairpin bends. The route has been reopened recently after it was closed for road construction and despite ear-popping ascents and descents and a day of strong winds, they were really smooth.

We were only over an hour out of Kandy when we spotted our first mini waterfalls and streams of spring water flowing through the rocks as we snaked around them. As we kept climbing, the roads became mistier, but a magnificent white Buddha statue which overlooks the valley acted as a beacon as if to guide our way.…

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Sri Lanka remains ‘Best Value Destination for Long Haul Holidaymakers’ – UK Post Office Report

Sri Lanka has been named as the best value for money for the third consecutive year by the UK’s 2012 Post Office ‘Long Haul’ Report.

The report published annually in the United Kingdom compares the cost of common holiday purchases, including meals and drinks between 32 of the country’s popular holiday destinations.

Despite Sri Lanka maintaining its position on the top of the list, the price for the same basket of goods compared has risen considerably to £43.85 from £31.81 a year earlier.

The shopping basket of 12 items consist of a Beer, Cola, a glass of wine, cocktail, bottle of water, bar of chocolate, sunscreen (200ml), insect repellant (50ml), paperback book, postcard, stamp, and a 3-course meal including a bottle of wine.…

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The cashew stop

When you think of nuts, the most common conception is a dry fruit or casing that contains one or two seeds in it, but even though all nuts have their own unique characteristic, one nut stands out from the rest.

Growing on the outside of a fleshy fruit known as the cashew apple, the cashew nut is quite an intriguing nut. First of all, cashew apple is a false fruit that is meant to act as a diversion for animals from the real fruit – the cashew nut. The real fruit is what grows on the outside and conceals the valuable nut inside.…

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Thambili, the miracle fruit!

Escaping the Sri Lankan heat on a warm day can be quite tricky if you don’t have the comfort of an air conditioned room or vehicle, but in most places in Sri Lanka, there is always a ready solution in the form of an orange coloured fruit.

While the colour orange can be attributed to the refreshing fruit the orange in the Western world, In Sinhala (Sri Lanka’s predominant dialect)  the colour orange is ‘thambili’ and can be attributed to the most refreshing fruit in Sri Lanka, Thambili –also known as the King coconut.

The fruit while being known as one of the most refreshing is also used as a remedy to many ailments amongst Sri Lankans.…

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