Author : David Hopps

Saman Villas, Closing in 2010 for refurbishment

Posted by David Hopps on September 23 th, 2009 in Accommodation, General

The end of the north-east conflict is encouraging much-needed investment back into the tourism industry and the owners of Saman Villas are latest to annouce forthcoming refurbishments. A statement released earlier this week said: “With the ending of the three decade civil war, we have decided to revamp our properties to meet the demands of future tourism. We have decided to take advantage of the low occupancies predicted for next year and to utilize this period to refurbish Saman Villas.” The hotel, one of the leading hotels in Bentota, will be closed from 22 April to 22 July 2010. According to the management: “The major modifications will be to the guest rooms and toilets in all suites. All guest rooms will offer improved comfort levels while two suites will be converted to twins.

Saman Villas, Closing in 2010 for refurbishment

The toilets will offer a new concept with complete change of fittings with a floating bath tub and shower tray. Most public areas will be revamped, where roofing, flooring, furniture and fixtures will be changed. The entrance and reception area ponds will undergo a complete change, a more visually appealing effect with crystal clear water. Several other improvements, as well as maintenance work, will be carried out in order to add value to the product.” The management also control Mermaid Hotel & Spa and they have decided to reburbish this property as well, introducing nine new deluxe rooms, all of which will have direct sea-facing views and spacious new toilets. The public areas will also be enhanced.

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