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6 best hotels in Sri Lanka for food lovers

6 best hotels in Sri Lanka for food lovers

Sri Lanka is an incredibly diverse island in terms of geography, society, religion, and tradition – so it is hardly surprising that the same is true of its cuisine. From spicy seafood curries to sweet succulent tropical fruit, there are endless delicacies to try, influenced by cultures from around the globe. Discover the six best… Read More »

Feed your soul on a Sri Lanka food tour

Feed your soul on a Sri Lanka food tour

Savour a spread of culture and beauty with a special Sri Lanka food tour. Food in Sri Lanka is as diverse as the country itself, influenced by traditions from across the globe. Travellers have been drawn to the island’s shores for centuries, and each brought their own cuisine to the table. Tourists on a Sri… Read More »

How to plan a Sri Lanka holiday for families with young children

Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, but we know that travelling with young children can be daunting – especially if you are heading to an unfamiliar country. When it comes to holidays with young children, there are so many points to consider: the safety of the destination; travel times and transport;… Read More »

The Ultimate Sri Lankan Food Bucket List

The Ultimate Sri Lankan Food Bucket List

Serendipity is the word for the gift of making happy discoveries by chance, and thus this little island was aptly dubbed “Serendib” by Marco Polo. When in Sri Lanka, you would definitely stumble upon such pleasant encounters. The island cuisine is undoubtedly one such delightful discovery that would keep you happy from your taste buds… Read More »

Taste of Jaffna: my top 5 Jaffna restaurants in Colombo

  Food plays a huge role in Sri Lanka, whether it’s the traditional rice and curry or the evening favourite short eats, the streets of Colombo are teeming with various cuisines. While on a walk around the city, you’re bound to come across a Chinese restaurant (with a Sri Lankan twist to it), a ‘bath… Read More »

A week in Colombo

by Aadil Fawme Monday Tuk Tuk Tour Explore Colombo in the most authentic way possible – by three-wheeler, or ‘tuk tuk’ as they are dubbed by the locals. Whiz through the busy streets and get the full impression of Colombo’s multicultural society, caught somewhere between past and present, and discover some of the city’s best… Read More »

Taste of Sri Lanka: the best hotels for foodies

    Sri Lankan cuisine is very distinctive, an exotic blend of tastes and aromas enriched by ethnic diversity and centuries of interaction with outside settlers, including the European colonial powers. From rice and curry – a meal with a deceptively simple name that incorporates seven separate dishes, from curries to sambols – to the… Read More »

5 things not to miss in Arugam Bay

  1. Surf Points     When you arrive at Arugam Bay, you will quickly realise that it is surfers paradise. Its laid-back, down-to-earth atmosphere and myriad of people wandering along the main street carrying surf boards makes that fact hard to miss. There are several surf points around the beach town, ranging from those… Read More »

INSIDE SRI LANKA A monthly insider’s report by Royston Ellis, October 2014.

Best of the West From October to March, the beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka are the best. Whether you like broad strands of sand to jog along at the sea’s edge, soaring waves to surf as they splash on the shore, intimate coves for private sunbathing, or beaches lined with seafood cafés… Read More »

INSIDE SRI LANKA A monthly insider’s report by Royston Ellis, July 2014.

Fruit with Attitude This is the month for curious fruit in Sri Lanka, exotic delicacies found only in the tropics. It’s the season for durian, mangosteen and rambutan, a trio of odd looking fruit with attitude, apparently to deter people from eating them.     Durian is as famous for its off-putting pong as for… Read More »