Author : David Hopps

Back of beyond, Kahandamodara…

Posted by David Hopps on October 08 th, 2009 in Accommodation, General

I was on tour down south last week, checking old properties and visiting some new ones, and I was fortunate to discover my perfect escape: Back of Beyond Kahandamodara.  Remote and truly back of beyond, this place is off the main A2 road about half an hour before you get to Tangalle coming via Nonagama Junction from Uda Walawe. The property is set on eleven acres of wilderness and mangroves by an estuary where the Uruboku Oya meets the sea. Having actually found it, leaving behind the peace and tranquillity of this place the next morning was so difficult.  Although I preferred to just lie in my verandah watching peacock strutting about and having the wind blowing through my hair, the staff did convince me there was much to explore.  So I set off on a walk through the estate, got in knee deep into the river that flows at the edge of the property, and onto the Oruwa which took us ever so slowly upto the beach.  Except for two fishermen drying their nets, the beach was all ours…so secluded only with our own footprints engrained in the sand.  A quite evening under a starlit night, a restful night in what was rustic yet quite a stylish room with cement rendered beds and a soothing blend of colours, I woke up next morning plotting and planning my return with a friend who I’m sure would love to have a Yoga retreat here.

Back of beyond - Kahandamodara


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