Sri Lanka – To travel or not?

When people visit Sri Lanka they invariably seem to return…often again and again. I met a lady in Kandy last weekend who was on her sixth visit. This time she brought her a family and two friends and was travelling around the island for 18 days. I asked what she thought about the security situation and she said she had no hesitation in coming.

“If we listen to all stories in the media we’ll not be able to travel anywhere these days – Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand all have issues, to name a few destinations. The truth is that terrorism can strike anywhere these days – even in the UK and especially London where I live. The war in the north is  terrible but it should finish this year or next. And when it does Sri Lanka will be packed with tourists. Flight prices will soar and hotels are going to be hard to book. Everything will be more expensive. Now is a good time to come.”

Well, all I can say is that’s the kind of Sri Lanka tourist we want. Hats off to someone who thinks independently and is not a slave to external factors.