New Archeological Museum for Sigiriya

Some good news for those of us worried about the preservation of our heritage. The Central Cultural Fund of Sri Lanka has initiated the establishment of an Archeological Museum, a long overdue facility for the magnificent attraction of Sigiriya Rock Fortress. This new museum would enhance the experience to Sigiriya and would allow the visitors to get a better understanding of the historical cronology, art, architecture, paintings and the graffiti on the mirror wall of Sigiriya.

The museum building is located next to the outer moat and is now nearing completion. The interior of the museum is designed by Japanese professionals and the new facility will be opened to visitors before the end of 2008. This will provide an opportunity for people to get an indepth understanding of the art and architecture of this great creation through actual artifacts found in excavations, replicas of various artifacts an exhibition of digital movies of the historical stories. A special attaction would be the replica of the mirror wall along with translations of the poetry written on it.