Pre-holiday reading – New website with leading Sri Lanka authors.

A Sri Lankan company called Z–World has started a website to sell books by Sri Lankan authors, on the internet. Soft copies of the books are available for download on this site and to my knowledge this is the first such opportunity offered to readers to buy books from Sri Lankan authors on the internet. The copies of the books are available in popular document compression format (PDF) developed by the software firm Adobe. Buyers could order hard copies online from its website This project has just started very recently, and at the moment I did not see many books in the collection. Several books by the Sri Lankan author Carl Muller and some other authors were already available in its ‘Z-Library’ and the first chapter could be downloaded free.  I hope this website will develop and offer a good range of books by Sri Lankan author to book enthusiasts. I also gathered that in addition to the works of local authors, locally published magazines will also be put on store.