Aid for Children, Raising funds for Settikulam Transit Camp

Red Dot staff have been helping to raise funds for refuges current awaiting rehabilitation in the Settikulam Transit Camp in Northern Sri Lanka. Since the end of the war there is an urgent need to help the thousands of Sri Lankans in these camps. The project we have been trying to help was initiated by Mr. Derek and Ms. Vashitha of Harlequin Display Group.GBP 5,000 was donated by Harlequin Aid and a 4.5 tonne truck of food aid, primarily children’s food and feeding bottles was sent to the camp on 30 May. Another shipment is being planned, hopefully to leave in about 3 weeks. This time the focus is raising funds for toilets, for which is an urgent need – it currently takes up to 33 hours and 15 mins to queue for the loo. Each toilet costs Rs.24,000/-. The target is 100 toilets. Also, they are trying to organise food for infants and small children (packets of Milgro and Samaposha). Rs.750/- covers one child for 4 weeks. The target is to organise for 1000 children. This may seem like a drop in the ocean, but every small contribution makes a real difference to people in great need.

If you would like to donate food or cash then please contact Rekha at