Serene Pavilions.

If utter luxury and pampering is what you’re looking for on your next beach holiday, check out Serene Pavilions – an exquisite Balinese style boutique hotel in Wadduwa that I visited last weekend.  Only a few more details to put into place and it will be open for guests in October.  Accommodation here is fabulous and is in the form of individual pavilions within walled gardens designed to shut out the rest of the world and leave you in peace.  Each of the 12 pavilions is the size of a small house with a stylish bedroom (some have two), living and dining areas, bar, pantry and even a private plunge pool.  If you don’t feel like getting out of your own little holiday pavilion, then there is even a butler service and a gourmet chef who will cook your meals and serve you in style.  The in-house Spa which will be run by Six Senses is due to open soon, and the best part is, even the spa treatments will be brought to your own pavilion! There was more in store for me to discover as I was doing a walkabout.  A swimming pool with sunken Jacuzzi beds, gym, and a fine dine dining restaurant by the sea.  I was told the Chandeliers for the restaurant were arriving soon.  Can’t wait to get back to see Serene Pavilions once all the finishing touches are in place.

Serene Pavilions