Magnificent Tantirimale.

One of the many blessings of a peaceful Sri Lanka is being able to explore some of the ancient sites that were hard to see just months ago. One such ancient marvel is Tantirimale, a magnificent site both humbling and inspiring. I visited recently at dusk as the sun was going down over the acres of granite rock surrounded by the jungles of Wilpattu.  You can sit here and stare for hours with the wind in your hair and sound of silence only interrupted from time to time by birds or a pilgrim that rings the temple bell.  Tantirimale’s ancient rock carvings and Bo tree has a history that dates back to the 3rd century BC.  A lily white stupa sits on the rock and the sacred Bo tree rustles in the wind.  Tantirimale is off the Puttalam – Anuradhapura road and can be easily accessed now that the security risks in the area have eased up and the roads are getting done up.

Magnificent Tantirimale

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