National Geographic lists Sri Lanka 2nd best island destination.

First came the New York Times accolades and now National Geographic has brought Sri Lanka into the tourism spotlight again announcing that Sri Lanka was rated their second best island destination in the world this year. The accolade puts Sri Lanka ahead of St. Lucia, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Bali, Sicily, Manhattan island, Mauritius, and even exotic Zanzibar. In an interview, Jill Crawshaw, travel writer for The Times and Lyn Hughes, editor of Wonderlust magazine, highlights Sri Lanka’s secluded and unspoilt beaches, exotic wildlife, ancient heritage and spicy cuisine – all this within a relatively small space that is easily accessible.

National Geographic lists Sri Lanka 2nd best island destination

Yes, Sri Lanka is an island nation that is blessed with so much – especially a colourful mix of culturally diverse people that have the precious ability to smile from their hearts and share their unhurried lifestyles with others. Having the best surfing beaches (Sri Lanka is listed as one of 10 best surfing spots in the world); the best locations to spot the largest land mammal (elephant) as well as the largest marine mammal in the surrounding Indian Ocean waters (Blue whale); ruins of kingdoms that tells of a an ancient and sophisticated civilization; treasures of precious gems, tea and cinnamon; and a myriad of breathtaking landscapes that change within minutes of travel…., one is truly spoilt for choice on which direction to head on your holiday in Sri Lanka. No wonder most travellers come to this island and never want to leave.

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  1. I have travelled to 17 countries and the best place is none other than Sri Lanka. It has all three weather conditions and you could reach to a completely deferent weather just 3 or 4 hrs of travel. The history is unbelievable, and for the nature, lovers will have the best forest and the beach is spectacular, hospitality is better than 7 star hotel service. So what more need as a tourist.

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