Expat Living Singapore praises Sri Lanka as “a rare gem”

Expat Living in Singapore says some lovely things about Sri Lanka – and about Red Dot Tours – in its current edition.

Expat Living focuses on what is happening for expatriates in Singapore, including travel, shopping and entertainment. We are not about to quibble about its exceedingly good taste!

Discouraged by the unrest of the past few decades, large hotel developers stayed away. To accommodate the growing tourism trade, a unique portfolio of boutique properties emerged across the island. With this eclectic group of adventurous hoteliers came an infusion of Western cuisine, contemporary cocktails and impeccable service standards.”“So, despite its troubled political past – or perhaps because of it – Sri Lanka today is a rare gem, untarnished by large corporate chains and tourism booms. Instead of souvenir-laden markets and trumped-up cultural villages, you’ll find a rustic land of white sandy beaches, waterfalls and wildlife, UNESCO World Heritage sites and a populace more likely to offer an enthusiastic wave than an outstretched hand.”

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