Visiting the Blues out in the Blue

I’m not sure whether any of you have watched Jurassic Park, but I was just a kid when I did, and one thing that really stuck in my mind is that moment when Richard takes off his hat and his jaw drops at the sight of the Brontosaurus. The moment when we saw our first Blue Whale was no different as there’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing the largest animal to have ever roamed Earth up close.…

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Responsible Whale Watching

There is nothing quite like a blue whale fluking in front of you especially for someone as crazy about marine life as I am. First an exhalation as the whale gets ready to dive, the spout misting the blue horizon as its bulk moves seamlessly, grey through the water. After a few breaths at the surface, the ludicrously small dorsal fin arched through the water as the immense creature, the largest to have ever existed in the world’s history, propels itself into a dive, giant flukes cresting through the water as it sounds.

This is the experience that has been drawing visitors to the southern coast of Sri Lanka for the past few years during the season from November to April.…

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