Trans Asia Hotel to be re-branded Cinnamon Lakeside

Trans Asia Hotel will suspend operations for a period of three and half months commencing from 15 May 2009 in order to carry out a refurbishment and repair. Upon completion, the hotel would be re-branded and launched as Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo. However, The Laundry Service – Creases N Pleats, Walkers Travel Desk, Goodies – the patisserie, Power Drome, Nadine’s Hair and Beauty Salon, the Nail Spa and some of the concessionaires will remain open during the refurbishment for customers. In addition, Banquet Sales Office and Room Reservation Department of the hotel will also remain open for customers in order to accommodate future room accommodation requirements, wedding bookings and other banquet inquiries.

The hotel’s lobby, lobby lounge, coffee shop, main ballroom, bedrooms, outdoor terrace and pool area will see a significant revamp. Architectural and design work will be done by Singapore based Bent Severin Associates Pte Limited, and local architects/designers ddn Design Pvt Limited and Taru i.e. Pvt Limited, with LAN Management as project managers.“Cinnamon Lakeside will revolve around the panoramic view of the Beira Lake, a view which is unique to this property and one that offers endless possibilities. We are investing Rs.500 million in the refurbishment and re-branding of the hotel, which will ensure that the hotel provides the service and quality that guests expect from all Cinnamon Hotels” said Mr. Ajit Gunewardene, Deputy Chairman of John Keells Holdings, the parent company of Trans Asia.

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