Christmas shopping in Galle Fort.

Fed up with the frenzy of shopping and pre-Christmas buzz in Colombo, I escaped to Galle Fort for a peaceful couple of days with friends. My nagging list of unfinished things-to-do and a rather lengthy Christmas gift list was happily put aside to do when I return from my much earned r & r. Our hideout in Galle Fort was The Courtyard, a really nice and homely Dutch period villa at the corner of Lighthouse & Pedlar Street. I soon discovered, this was the best corner to be at this time of year!

It was December 22nd and life was getting on at the usually slow pace inside Fort with the vegetable vendor going door-to-door with his cart full of fresh veges, couples under colourful umbrellas on the ramparts, and children playing cricket by the lighthouse. Strolling along the maze of streets, there was so much more waiting to be discovered…. shops, museums, art galleries, cafes and restaurants all just around the corner. Out came my unfinished shopping list. Glittering Bindi bangles from Lollapalooza, a fun floppy hat from Barefoot, chunky turquoise beaded chain from the Dutch Museum shop, from Roots a colourful painting of a map of Galle Fort on a ceramic tile, an exquisite piece of pottery form the Orchid House, a slinky silk blouse from Mimimango, and a copy of `Around the Fort in 80 Lives’ by Juliet Coomb from the Kahanda Kanda shop. All done and having indulged in many a cup of latte and home made brownies at the Pedlar’s Inn, I decided this was the most enjoyable and stress free Christmas shopping spree I had ever done. A great holiday all in all with so much fun and good times!

Christmas shopping in Galle Fort