A guide to the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka

A guide to the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it a desire to celebrate the love we have in our lives. Whether this is acknowledging a special anniversary, planning a proposal, or honouring our best friends, one of the best ways to show our appreciation is with a lifechanging holiday.

Sri Lanka is an epic choice for lovers or groups looking to deepen their bond. Awe-inspiring hotels, incredible activities, and beautiful landscapes combine to create a journey where memories are made at every turn. On top of this, visitors can expect to be enchanted by the warm-hearted local people and the alluring atmosphere that pervades every corner of the island.

Kick off your holiday planning with this guide to the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka, brought to you by Sri Lanka specialists Red Dot Tours. From sensational tropical beaches to terraced tea plantations, these idyllic locations will have you falling in love all over again.


Who doesn’t love a beach? If you are seeking sun, sea, and sand, look no further than Tangalle. This town on the south coast is known as the most romantic destination in the island due to its picture-perfect beaches lined with swaying coconut palms and soothing serene atmosphere. Choose between charming boutique hotels like Last House, all-encompassing resorts, and luxury villas.


Travel west and you will arrive at Koggala, another quiet coastal escape that sits between two popular beach towns that are buzzing with restaurants, bars, and opportunities for water-sports. You can either stay right on the edge of the ocean or further inland in idyllic rural countryside. Artistic accommodation abounds here, from contemporary KK Beach to the opulent Kahanda Kanda.

Galle Fort

Just a short drive away from Koggala is Galle Fort. This is a heritage hotspot: the cobbled streets are lined with colonial-period buildings while the entire old town is encased by a 17th-century fort. Stroll the streets and you will also find quirky shops selling local delights and a range of great eateries. Galle Fort has some of our favourite hotels in Sri Lanka such as Fort Bazaar as well as high-end villas.


Head away from the coastline and into Sri Lanka’s hills to discover the island’s most beautiful vistas. Terraced tea hills cover most of this elevated region, but you will also find woodland, waterfalls, and wildflower fields in the hills and mountains. Hatton is a great location for couples yearning for privacy and panoramic views as it surrounds the majestic Castlereagh Reservoir. Stay in a luxury boutique hotel overlooking the water, from original tea planter’s bungalows with old-world decor to more modern options like Camellia Hills.


Another fantastic tea country destination is the Knuckles Mountain Range in the Kandyan foothills. This is a less popular tourist spot due to its remote location which makes it perfect for couples who want peace and the space to reconnect away from the crowds. Knuckles is a protected nature reserve and hiking here is incredibly rewarding in terms of wildlife and spectacular scenery. Our favourite hotels in Knuckles are the charming Bougainvillea-Retreat and Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge.


If wildlife is what captivates your heart, head to Wilpattu National Park in the island’s rural north-west. This is Sri Lanka’s oldest and most beautiful park, a tapestry of lakes, woodland, and open grassland where countless exotic creatures roam. Highlights include majestic mammals like the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, sloth bears and elephants, and a huge variety of birdlife. For a truly special experience, stay at Leopard Trails, a luxury campsite on the border of the park run by expert rangers. In the daytime go on guided drives through the park and spend evenings around the bonfire dining beneath the stars.