Sri Lanka for kids

Sri Lanka is a great travel destination for families.  There are a few setbacks such as long distance journeys (‘are we nearly there yet?’), and at times some cultural sites which may not be so fully enjoyed by your little people (‘mummy, I’m bored!’). However, these are easy to combat if you know the right route to navigate the country and the right hosts and guides to make a temple visit or a walk around the city come to life for your children as much as it will for you. You’ll quickly find when you come to Sri Lanka that Sri Lankan’s love children and will go out of their way to ensure their safety and comfort.…

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Why we are stopping elephant riding





Red Dot has always been a company which promotes choice for our customers. We are also a company with a strong set of values: we have always been committed to campaigning for responsible tourism. We take our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, local wildlife, customers, partners, and employees very seriously.  As with any company, this is a learning curve for us. Since we launched 15 years ago, we’ve learnt and adapted more than we could ever have imagined.


Elephant issues in Sri Lanka have long been a concern for us. The image of the elephant is so iconic to Sri Lanka that it has become intrinsically linked with tourism on the island.…

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