De-stressing in the Back of Beyond

De-stressing  in the Back of Beyond

I spent a relaxing three days in Kahandamodara recently at Back of Beyond. As the name suggests, this is truly back of beyond with nothing but fresh air, birds and wilderness. To me, an essential stress reliever that I yearn for time and again.

Laid out on 14 acres of wilderness that borders an estuary where the Urubokka River meets the sea, Back of Beyond Kahandamodara is preciously unhurried and laidback. Only the peacocks seem to be having a busy agenda strutting about trying to impress the peahens.

In between sipping coffee on my verandah, reading and watching the goings on with the birds and the buffaloes, there was plenty of time to explore the gravel paths to the Kahandamoda village, down river on an oruwa to the sea, and finally to the Kalametiya bird sanctuary.  Even Rekuwa where the Marine turtles come to nest is so close by here, but I left this adventure for another time. Once back, there was always a fabulous lunch with village vegetables and fish cooked in clay pots waiting to be devoured.

This is my third visit here. Somehow the wilderness seemed greener, the house more of a home, the staff Namal, Mahesh and chef Nelson — more part of the family. De-stressed and rested, I headed back to the chaos of Colombo knowing that I will return to this bliss soon.