Colombo City Walks – Discovering the City Behind the City

When I first heard about the Colombo City Walks, the first thought that came to my mind was: “Is a visit to Pettah markets really that appealing?” Nevertheless, wherever I went, word on the Walks frequently popped up. So when I was invited to join my team of Red Dotters for some much-needed exercise, I was the first to say yes.

We met Mark and Ruvi, the lovely husband and wife duo behind the walks in front of The Galle Face Hotel shortly after 3 pm  – the best time I’m told, to avoid the scorching midday heat and to experience the city in wind-down mode.…

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Through Simple Lives and Serene Surrounds

I’ve always heard about how enlightening a trek through a traditional Sri Lankan village can be so when I heard that the good folk at Sir Johns Bungalow were planning to take us on one I was thrilled.

A perfect cup of steaming coffee was the start we needed before we headed out. We had to travel in our vehicle to the village as it was about 25 minutes away. After quite a bumpy ride, we were at the starting point of our trek, all of us dressed in leech socks and warm clothing to cut off the expected chilly mountain breeze.…

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