March madness in the island

Venture out on the streets during most weekends between February and March, and you will be bombarded with noise – of school boys and cricket lovers going on parades in bicycles, cars, vans, trucks and by foot. These are the months of the ultimate cricket battle of schools – better known as Big Match Season.…

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It is all well with my soul- now. It is so peaceful, it just has to be!

From the moment you enter the wooden gates, the gentle breeze and the wide open green spaces just wash you over with a sense of peace and calm that cannot be brushed aside. This feeling would continue even through the welcome by the gracious and smiling hosts and the refreshing drink of thambili and it continues to…well, let’s say I was just happily sailing in a sea of calm!

When we decided to take a break and get out of Colombo and all its noise, we didn’t imagine the serenity of Palpatha, speckled with the many calls of the rich bird life in the area would be such a big change.…

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Through Simple Lives and Serene Surrounds

I’ve always heard about how enlightening a trek through a traditional Sri Lankan village can be so when I heard that the good folk at Sir Johns Bungalow were planning to take us on one I was thrilled.

A perfect cup of steaming coffee was the start we needed before we headed out. We had to travel in our vehicle to the village as it was about 25 minutes away. After quite a bumpy ride, we were at the starting point of our trek, all of us dressed in leech socks and warm clothing to cut off the expected chilly mountain breeze.…

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