A guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation

A guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation

After an unsettled and uncertain two years, all of us are feeling the strain and seeking ways to reduce our stress. Take time to totally unwind with a Sri Lanka holiday dedicated to relaxation, whatever that means for you. Get back to nature, loll on an enchanting beach, or retreat to a spa.

In this guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation, discover the most peaceful Sri Lanka holiday destinations as well as when to go, where to stay, and things to do away from the crowds.

How to design a relaxing Sri Lanka holiday

1. Leave the tourist trail

For total tranquility away from other tourists, ignore the well-worn classic holiday route and plan a unique itinerary that takes you off the beaten track. Sri Lanka has no shortage of idyllic holiday destinations, so you can still find unmatched beauty in less popular spots. Longstanding tailor-made Sri Lanka holiday companies like Red Dot Tours can help you find the best hidden gems, from empty beaches to remote rainforest and quiet national parks.

2. Consider travelling outside of peak season

December to March and July and August are the most popular months to visit Sri Lanka, and with good reason – guaranteed sunshine for most of the island and beaches in season for whale watching and water-sports. However, great weather and other incredible opportunities can be found outside of peak season. Try late June and early July to find the magical east coast near deserted, or November for incredible birdwatching and safari drives.

3. Choose your accommodation carefully

It sounds obvious, but the holiday accommodation you choose can make or break your chance for relaxation. If travelling without children, consider child-free hotels. Prioritise smaller properties for a peaceful atmosphere, and take time to find the most private rooms. Boutique doesn’t always break the bank! Dedicated wellness retreats centred around relaxation are ideal for those who don’t want to venture out. Groups can book private villas.

4. Be adventurous with your activities

As well as finding off the beaten track destinations, be adventurous with your activities and do things that are beyond the ordinary. Instead of joining group whale watching, go on a private boat with an expert guide, or spot them from a helicopter. Instead of climbing Sigiriya, ascending adjacent Pidurangala Rock and enjoy aerial views of the rock fortress. Hike trails to secret viewpoints and hidden waterfalls. Explore Sinharaja. The list goes on!

5. Experience ancient Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing practice that originated in India and has been used in Sri Lanka for thousands of years. Balance is achieved for the body and mind through a particular personal diet, physical exercises, and specialist spa treatments using oils enriched with vibrant spices. A unique treatment where warm oil is poured slowly onto the centre of the forehead is incredibly effective in relieving stress and promoting calm in daily life.