Relocating Taprobana, Bentota

Taru Villas Taprobana, now known as Anilanla Taprobana, which has been one of the most popular boutique hotels in the west coast will not be available for guests after the 31 August 2009. The Anilanla management have informed us that they will not be managing this hotel anymore and they plan to build a new… Read More »

Camping resumes inside Yala.

Some great news for Sri Lanka holidaymakers and wildlife lovers – camping inside the Yala National Park will resume from the 1 August 2009. Leopard Safaris, the Yala Park experts, have been given the greenlight to resume normal operations after discussions with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department and the Sri Lanka Army. While the park… Read More »

Overnight camping resumes in Uda Walawe.

Good news for wildlife lovers. The Wildlife Conservation Department has announced this week that all camp sites and bungalows within the Uda Walawe National Park are now once again open to the public to stay. Earlier in the year, the park officials stopped issuing permits to the public to use the campsite and the parks… Read More »

Misamja, Galle Fort’s newest villa.

Spending a holiday inside of Galle’s 17th century Dutch Fort can be a unique experience.  There are several refurbished colonial period villas that you can stay in.  The newest addition is Misamja located at the edge of the ramparts and is walking distance of Fort’s historic buildings, museums and restaurants.  Within Galle Fort, this is… Read More »

Peace hopes grip Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism is poised to roll out its post conflict strategy. The following is a recent media release from Sri Lanka Tourism. “Sri Lanka’s president declared victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) saying the country has been “liberated from terrorism”. President Mahinda Rajapakse delivered a “victory speech” in parliament on Tuesday… Read More »

Trans Asia Hotel to be re-branded Cinnamon Lakeside

Trans Asia Hotel will suspend operations for a period of three and half months commencing from 15 May 2009 in order to carry out a refurbishment and repair. Upon completion, the hotel would be re-branded and launched as Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo. However, The Laundry Service – Creases N Pleats, Walkers Travel Desk, Goodies – the… Read More »

Nilaveli Beach Hotel-May 2009

Setting off from Colombo at 4:30am meant that reaching the Nilaveli Beach Hotel, 13km north of Trincomalee, in time for lunch was a real possibility. 280km later we pulled into the driveway of the hotel after 6 hours of driving and many an iPod playlist. The journey between Dambulla and Trincomalee, one which I hadn’t… Read More »

Fancy doing something a little different in Sri Lanka? Well here is a new activity: whale watching.

According to Marine Biologist Charles Anderson, who has been studying Indian Ocean whales during the past 24 years, Sri Lanka is one of the easiest places to watch blue and sperm whales. In a recent article for LBO, he says: “I think Sri Lanka has enormous potential to be a whale destination. A high concentration… Read More »

Yala, Back to its former glory

Yala National Park has been re-opened for 3 months now and I am happy to say its back to its former glory. In a resent visit to the park we were able to observe several Elephants, Jackals, troops of Gray Langers & Toque Macaques and to top it off a Leopard resting on a Palu… Read More »

Birding at Mihintale.

Declared a sanctuary for animals in the 3rd century BC by Arahath Mahinda, Mihintale is one of the hidden treasures of the Cultural Triangle. If you have an keen interest in ancient history or natural history, Mihintale is a great place to spend a few days. In a resent birdwatching trip to this ancient city,… Read More »

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