Sri Lanka experiences unprecedented levels of rainfall

Sri Lanka experiences unprecedented levels of rainfall

Sri Lanka has recently been affected by a strong south-west monsoon which has caused severe damage to several areas of land, leaving 350,000 displaced. There are fears that 150 people have been killed due to the effects of the extreme weather.


May and June is the low season for tourist arrivals and thus far none of our clients have experienced disruption to their tour. Red Dot will be in regular contact with all holidaymakers during this period and will be discussing alternative accommodation options should that prove necessary.


The severity of the monsoon was unexpected. Although May is always Sri Lanka’s wettest month, this week has seen an unprecedented level of rainfall which has been forecast to continue over the next few days.


Several members of the Red Dot team have been out helping with flood relief, such as providing blankets, clothing and food to those who have been worst affected. Sri Lanka’s Red Cross has set up an official page for donations, which can be found here


Traditionally the south-west monsoon begins to weaken by the end of June before tourists flock back to Sri Lanka during the summer holiday period.