Sri Lanka political upheaval brings holiday bargains

I’ve always championed late November as a great time to visit Sri Lanka for the beach lover in search of bargains. As the month progresses, the sunshine hours on the west and south coast increase dramatically. But this November, 2018, the west and south coast beaches are quieter than normal.
The power struggle in Parliament which has temporarily left Sri Lanka with not one Prime Minister but two has given the tourist industry a jolt.
This – frustratingly – coming only a couple of weeks after Lonely Planet named Sri Lanka as the No 1 destination in the world for 2019.…

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Late November weather in Sri Lanka makes it a wonderful time

The second half of November is my favourite time in Sri Lanka.
The monsoon has largely burned itself out in the south-west and when it does rain, predominantly in the evening, it freshens the air and provides an enchanting backdrop to the sounds of the tropics.
For those most interested in Sri Lanka’s beach culture there are bargains to be had.
Rain may linger in the hills but on the west and south coast many days dawn blue with lower humidity than is traditionally found in, say, March at the end of the peak season.
As well as the blue skies, the prices are considerably lower.…

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Sri Lanka is safe refuge as holiday terrorism hits the Med

Sri Lanka is preparing for a huge influx of European holidaymakers looking for a safe place in the sun as they shun traditional Mediterranean holidays because of the threat of rising terrorist violence.


The collapse in traditional holiday destinations has been quite startling. And to make matters worse The Times newspaper has reported that Isis attacks in Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey will cause huge hikes in prices in safe havens such as Italy, Greece and Spain.



The Times quotes data from GfK, one of the world’s leading market research organisation


According to GfK, bookings in many holiday destinations blighted by terrorism – or just a fear of terrorism – have collapsed.…

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INSIDE SRI LANKA A monthly insider’s report by Royston Ellis, January 2016

Butterflies Galore

Sri Lanka’s wildlife is a bonus for visitors who visit the island on holiday. It’s not just the mainstream attractions like the Yala National Park, renowned for its elephants and leopards, or the bird sanctuaries to give twitchers palpitations, there are also less publicised creatures to amaze the causal watcher. Particularly the country’s extraordinary variety of butterflies.


A collection of butterflies is called a “kaleidoscope” and it’s an appropriate name for the changing colours of Sri Lanka’s beautiful butterflies , of which there are 245 different types.


Sri Lanka’s butterflies are the insects of legend. It is said that on certain days all the butterflies in the island form a kaleidoscope and flutter off towards Adam’s Peak, never to be seen again.…

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