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Discover why Sri Lanka is tipped as a top travel destination for 2016

Discover why Sri Lanka is tipped as a top travel destination for 2016

Finally, the world is realising something that Red Dot Tours has known all along: Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful, intriguing and addictive travel destinations in the world.   In Conde Nast’s first post of the New Year, Sri Lanka was dubbed as one of the hottest places to visit in 2016. This… Read More »

Why we are stopping elephant riding

Why we are stopping elephant riding

      Red Dot has always been a company which promotes choice for our customers. We are also a company with a strong set of values: we have always been committed to campaigning for responsible tourism. We take our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, local wildlife, customers, partners, and employees very seriously.  As… Read More »

Inside Sri Lanka, A monthly insider’s report by Sri Lanka resident

Kandy in a Day     August is the month of the world famous Kandy Perahera. It climaxes this year on the Full Moon day of Tuesday 20 August with the evening parade of whip crackers, fire dancers, jugglers and elephants, including one bearing a casket containing the revered Buddha’s tooth (or a replica of… Read More »

Visiting the Blues out in the Blue

I’m not sure whether any of you have watched Jurassic Park, but I was just a kid when I did, and one thing that really stuck in my mind is that moment when Richard takes off his hat and his jaw drops at the sight of the Brontosaurus. The moment when we saw our first… Read More »

Grand Udawalawe Safari Resort to Provide Holistic ‘Wild’ Experience

Visiting one of Sri Lanka’s many National Parks and Nature Reserves is usually one of the many highlights for travelers who visit the island, however quite often the experience is limited due to the lack of quality accommodation options. Recent restrictions imposed on tented safaris, have also dealt a major blow to both operators, and… Read More »

Dawkins Immortalised in Sri Lankan Waters

You might say that Richard Dawkins took the world by storm with his anti-religious polemic ‘The God Delusion’. Now, the world renowned author and evolutionary biologist’s legacy has been immortalized in the waters of Sri Lanka after local scientists named an entire new genus of freshwater fish after him. The ‘Dawkinsia’ formally known as the… Read More »

Responsible Whale Watching

There is nothing quite like a blue whale fluking in front of you especially for someone as crazy about marine life as I am. First an exhalation as the whale gets ready to dive, the spout misting the blue horizon as its bulk moves seamlessly, grey through the water. After a few breaths at the… Read More »

Time for The Gathering

It is that time of year again where one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles take place in the dry zone jungles of Sri Lanka. On the shores of Minneriya and Kaudulla National Park, elephants from all parts of the north-central jungles ‘gather’ to feed on lush grass from the tank beds to quench their… Read More »

The elusive Comb Duck turns up in Yala National Park

For those of you that have a bird watching bug in you this news will get you all excited, The Comb Duck known to be a very rare migrant to Sri Lanka was spotted by a water hole in the Yala National Park last week – outside its migrant season! The discovery was made by… Read More »

Sri Lanka Completes Elephant Census

Sri Lanka has just completed the first nationwide survey of its elephant population, aimed at better protecting the animals and their habitat. Thousands of volunteers counted the elephants from watchtowers at 1,500 watering holes and ancient irrigation lakes.  Elephants are classified age and sex, and more knowledge is sought on their movements and distribution. This… Read More »