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A guide to Sri Lanka Wellness Holidays: Part 2 – Get Active

A guide to Sri Lanka Wellness Holidays: Part 2 – Get Active

Part 2 of our guide to Sri Lanka wellness holidays covers how you can get active during your holiday. Fresh air and exercise give us vital endorphins and serotonin, helping to rebalance our system and reboot our energy levels. Get active as part of your Sri Lanka wellness holiday to really feel the benefits of… Read More »

A guide to Sri Lanka Wellness Holidays: Part 1 – Back to Nature

A guide to Sri Lanka Wellness Holidays: Part 1 – Back to Nature

Get ready to recharge your batteries and get back to nature in 2022 with part 1 of our guide to Sri Lanka wellness holidays. Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations in Asia for getaways centred around wellbeing. Its alluring languorous atmosphere, abundance of protected wildlife reserves, and foundation in holistic health practices have… Read More »

How to plan a Sri Lanka holiday for families with young children

Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, but we know that travelling with young children can be daunting – especially if you are heading to an unfamiliar country. When it comes to holidays with young children, there are so many points to consider: the safety of the destination; travel times and transport;… Read More »

Top 7 Sri Lanka trekking trails

A guide to the best hikes in Sri Lanka Hiking in Sri Lanka is the best way to experience the island’s diverse landscapes and escape the typical tourist trail. Enhance your Sri Lanka holiday with the top Sri Lanka trekking trails, which range from gentle tea country walks to strenuous mountain climbs. Use this guide… Read More »

March madness in the island

Venture out on the streets during most weekends between February and March, and you will be bombarded with noise – of school boys and cricket lovers going on parades in bicycles, cars, vans, trucks and by foot. These are the months of the ultimate cricket battle of schools – better known as Big Match Season.

A week in Colombo

by Aadil Fawme Monday Tuk Tuk Tour Explore Colombo in the most authentic way possible – by three-wheeler, or ‘tuk tuk’ as they are dubbed by the locals. Whiz through the busy streets and get the full impression of Colombo’s multicultural society, caught somewhere between past and present, and discover some of the city’s best… Read More »

5 things not to miss in Arugam Bay

  1. Surf Points     When you arrive at Arugam Bay, you will quickly realise that it is surfers paradise. Its laid-back, down-to-earth atmosphere and myriad of people wandering along the main street carrying surf boards makes that fact hard to miss. There are several surf points around the beach town, ranging from those… Read More »

Spend Your Summer on Sri Lanka’s Stunning East Coast

Sri Lanka is often overlooked as a summer holiday destination, with most families choosing to visit the island during the Christmas or Easter holidays. Although Sri Lanka is in peak season between December to April, the rest of the year should not be classed as the country’s ‘low season’: various sections of the island come… Read More »

Discover why Sri Lanka is tipped as a top travel destination for 2016

Discover why Sri Lanka is tipped as a top travel destination for 2016

Finally, the world is realising something that Red Dot Tours has known all along: Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful, intriguing and addictive travel destinations in the world.   In Conde Nast’s first post of the New Year, Sri Lanka was dubbed as one of the hottest places to visit in 2016. This… Read More »

Red Dot INSIDE SRI LANKA A monthly insider’s report by Royston Ellis, December 2015.

Christmas presents Even though it’s hot and sunny in Sri Lanka at Christmas, unlike in Europe, the season is properly commemorated. Midnight mass is celebrated in the country’s churches (some seven per cent of the population is Christian) and, Christmas day being a public holiday, people of all faiths enjoy camaraderie, on the beach or… Read More »