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Sri Lanka – A Surfer’s Guide

Sri Lanka – A Surfer’s Guide

As an island nation, Sri Lanka offers the visiting surfer a unique combination of cultural experiences, natural wonder and near endless surfing opportunities. Read on to discover when and where to go for that surf trip of a lifetime. The first thing to know is that despite its small size, Sri Lanka has two distinct… Read More »

Protect the environment on your Sri Lanka wildlife safari

Protect the environment on your Sri Lanka wildlife safari

For the astute traveller to Sri Lanka, a wildlife safari is not just a matter of what you might see, it is a matter of putting your life philosophies to the fore. If discovering Sri Lanka’s wildlife is any way detrimental to their survival, then frankly, forget it. If you can believe that your visit… Read More »

A guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation

A guide to planning Sri Lanka holidays for relaxation

After an unsettled and uncertain two years, all of us are feeling the strain and seeking ways to reduce our stress. Take time to totally unwind with a Sri Lanka holiday dedicated to relaxation, whatever that means for you. Get back to nature, loll on an enchanting beach, or retreat to a spa. In this… Read More »

How to plan a Sri Lanka holiday for families with young children

Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, but we know that travelling with young children can be daunting – especially if you are heading to an unfamiliar country. When it comes to holidays with young children, there are so many points to consider: the safety of the destination; travel times and transport;… Read More »

Top 7 Sri Lanka trekking trails

A guide to the best hikes in Sri Lanka Hiking in Sri Lanka is the best way to experience the island’s diverse landscapes and escape the typical tourist trail. Enhance your Sri Lanka holiday with the top Sri Lanka trekking trails, which range from gentle tea country walks to strenuous mountain climbs. Use this guide… Read More »

Best beaches in Sri Lanka for surfing

In the words of the Beach Boys, surfing is ‘the greatest sport around / catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world’. That is certainly the belief of the fanatical locals who live beside Sri Lanka’s best surfing beaches, a mindset shared by the many surfers who flock to Sri Lanka from… Read More »

Five best beaches in Sri Lanka away from the crowds 

From Hikkaduwa to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka keeps its most beautiful beaches well hidden. Here are our favourite five beaches in Sri Lanka away from the crowds. Hiriketiya Hidden along the south coast, amongst swaying palms and clifftops, this secluded cove is ideal for surfers, although only hardy surfers would dare to approach the rougher… Read More »

A Tuk-tuk Adventure

Though I was born and bred in Sri Lanka, this little teardrop shaped island does not fail to amuse me every single day. It was a boring Sunday afternoon and my curious little mind was up to no good. Just like those sudden cravings for a mug of steaming hot chocolate, I was desperate to… Read More »

March madness in the island

Venture out on the streets during most weekends between February and March, and you will be bombarded with noise – of school boys and cricket lovers going on parades in bicycles, cars, vans, trucks and by foot. These are the months of the ultimate cricket battle of schools – better known as Big Match Season.

Taste of Jaffna: my top 5 Jaffna restaurants in Colombo

  Food plays a huge role in Sri Lanka, whether it’s the traditional rice and curry or the evening favourite short eats, the streets of Colombo are teeming with various cuisines. While on a walk around the city, you’re bound to come across a Chinese restaurant (with a Sri Lankan twist to it), a ‘bath… Read More »